Carrie the Remake versus Carrie by Stephen King

Carrie did not need to be remade. The book is awesome, and the original movie is pretty darn good. Of course, when I heard that an updated version was being released, I knew I had to see it. I quickly reread the endearing little novel, and prepared myself to be amazed. Okay, maybe not amazed, but at least entertained. As it turns out, I was not amazed or entertained. My sister and fellow critic, Tarah, has a way of pointing out crucial downfalls of films and literature, and she hit this one right on the head: what the Carrie remake is so desperately lacking is a point. Continue reading “Carrie the Remake versus Carrie by Stephen King”


American Horror Story Coven, Episode 302: “Boy Parts”

I’ve never written about American Horror Story, mainly because I like to zone out and enjoy Evan Peters after a stressful Sunday of analyzing The Walking Dead. However, in light of the fact that The Walking Dead has not required much thought or analysis as of late, I have found myself scrutinizing the new season of AHS. Mind you, past experience with this show has prepared me to be fully disappointed by the season’s conclusion, but for the time being, I have been geeking out. Continue reading “American Horror Story Coven, Episode 302: “Boy Parts””

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

I should have anticipated this disappointment. There is no reason that I should not have seen this coming. I was looking forward to Doctor Sleep for at least a year, and such anticipation never bodes well for the book in question. Continue reading “Doctor Sleep by Stephen King”

The Shining by Stephen King

As you may or may not know, this past Tuesday marked a momentous day in literary history. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen – thirty-six years after The Shining first hit bookstores, we have finally been presented with its long-awaited sequel, Doctor Sleep. You can expect a review of this novel in upcoming weeks, but in the meantime, I thought that a re-read of the 1977 classic was in order. Continue reading “The Shining by Stephen King”

20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill

I think it is safe to say that in spite of the pseudonym, everyone knows who Joe Hill’s daddy is. That’s right – my favorite contemporary author himself, Stephen King. I’m sure this wasn’t a big secret for long; anyone who looks at the author photo on the back of Heart Shaped Box can detect a not-so-subtle family resemblance. I was curious about Joesph Hillstrom King because of his famous genes. He’s definitely no Stephen King, but his stories are far from disappointing. Continue reading “20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill”

Mrs. God by Peter Straub

After my less-than-satisfactory experience with Ghost Story, I was pretty sure that I would never again read anything by Peter Straub. Unfortunately, my commitment wavered when I came across this novella. “It’s short,” I thought. “How bad can it be?” I thought. I was wrong. So very, very wrong. Continue reading “Mrs. God by Peter Straub”

Ghost Story by Peter Straub

I absolutely love Stephen King. Because of this unobstructed adoration, I tend to divide the horror genre into two sections: 1.) Stephen King, and 2.) Everyone else. The “Everyone Else” category is essentially, in my eyes, generic Stephen King. These authors, including the likes of Dean Koontz and Peter Straub, are just poor imitations of the original. Recently, I decided that maybe this was an unfair judgment on my part, especially considering that I had never before read anything by poor Peter Straub (although I can say with 100% confidence that Dean Koontz will never write anything as good as Watchers). Now, however, I have read Ghost Story, and my initial suspicions have only been confirmed: reading Peter Straub instead of Stephen King is like wearing sneakers from Payless when all I really want is a new pair of Chuck Taylor’s. Continue reading “Ghost Story by Peter Straub”