American Horror Story: Freak Show – Season 4, Episode 6: “Bullseye”

Elsa Mars and Dandy Mott are two of the most bothersome antagonists to be crafted by the American Horror Story series, and yet the nature of their misdeeds is in stark opposition. “Bullseye” exposes Elsa’s villainy as a conscious choice, whereas Dandy’s seems to have hereditary roots. Intriguingly, the twins function as the catalyst that divulges these rivaling temperaments. Continue reading “American Horror Story: Freak Show – Season 4, Episode 6: “Bullseye””

American Horror Story: Freak Show, S4, E1 – “Monsters Among Us”

“And who is that, Orgasmo the Crab Boy?”

“Dolores Claiborne’s accent hurts.”

“That clown is wearing a head hat.”

“I think Tate’s new mom is gonna get it on with Tate’s old mom.”

These are just some of the thoughts that ran through my head during the Freak Show premiere on Wednesday. Well, the “Orgasmo” gem came from my husband; I had a similar thought but was unable to verbalize it so eloquently. There was certainly a lot happening in the opener, but these divergent plot points only culminated in a discordant mess. I think I hated it. That being said, I loved the premiere of Coven, and that turned into the worst season of AHS yet. Thus, maybe this painful episode is a harbinger of a great season – or at least that’s my stab at optimism for today. Continue reading “American Horror Story: Freak Show, S4, E1 – “Monsters Among Us””