American Horror Story, Freakshow – S4, E2: “Massacres and Matinees”

As per usual, this week’s installment of American Horror Story raises more questions than it answers, primarily: how (genetically speaking) did the World’s Strongest Man and a bearded lady produce a lobster child? I was told by a reliable source that one “must be the child of a lobster person to be a lobster person.” I guess Ryan Murphy can rewrite the laws of genetics. Otherwise, “Massacres and Matinees” is about par for the course – a bothersome ambiance, more senseless Twisty murders, and a contemporary musical number. Continue reading “American Horror Story, Freakshow – S4, E2: “Massacres and Matinees””

American Horror Story: Freak Show, S4, E1 – “Monsters Among Us”

“And who is that, Orgasmo the Crab Boy?”

“Dolores Claiborne’s accent hurts.”

“That clown is wearing a head hat.”

“I think Tate’s new mom is gonna get it on with Tate’s old mom.”

These are just some of the thoughts that ran through my head during the Freak Show premiere on Wednesday. Well, the “Orgasmo” gem came from my husband; I had a similar thought but was unable to verbalize it so eloquently. There was certainly a lot happening in the opener, but these divergent plot points only culminated in a discordant mess. I think I hated it. That being said, I loved the premiere of Coven, and that turned into the worst season of AHS yet. Thus, maybe this painful episode is a harbinger of a great season – or at least that’s my stab at optimism for today. Continue reading “American Horror Story: Freak Show, S4, E1 – “Monsters Among Us””

The Walking Dead: Episode 409, “After”

On Talking Dead this week, Greg Nicotero commented that “This is really the first time that our group is vulnerable and unprotected since Season 1.” That vulnerability is what has been missing from the show since they arrived at the prison. Not to say that the group hasn’t faced danger, it’s just that the danger hasn’t seemed particularly pressing. Continue reading “The Walking Dead: Episode 409, “After””