American Horror Story: Freak Show – Season 4, Episode 12: “Showstoppers”

Tonight we bid farewell to the best season of American Horror Story to date. I am both curious and excited to learn how this storyline will be resolved, but I am also sad to see it all come to a close. With this potentially being Jessica Lange’s last season (again), I can only hope that she is given a proper sendoff. Continue reading “American Horror Story: Freak Show – Season 4, Episode 12: “Showstoppers””

The Walking Dead – Season 5, Episode 5: “Self Help”

“If Maggie doesn’t even give a shit about Beth, why should I?” This had never occurred to me. The one person that should be out there championing the search for Beth has all but forgotten her little sister. She’s found Glenn, so she has disregarded Beth. My mom is a huge Dead fan, but, as evidenced by her above observation, even she reached her limit this week. It is becoming a weekly struggle to sit through the entire episode, especially when TLC’s 90 Day Fiance is on at the exact same time and, sadly, is far more entertaining. Continue reading “The Walking Dead – Season 5, Episode 5: “Self Help””

The Walking Dead, Episode 413: “Alone”

This episode was incredibly boring. I don’t know why. A lot certainly happened, but I couldn’t stay focused on the episode. I found myself constantly rewinding in fear that I had missed something, even though I really hadn’t. Continue reading “The Walking Dead, Episode 413: “Alone””

The Walking Dead, Episode 412: “Still”

Many are praising “Still” for its uniqueness when compared to past episodes of The Walking Dead. Here, the focus is solely on two somewhat neglected characters, and viewers learn much about strong, silent Daryl and the endlessly irritating Beth. Let’s face it, at this point, Daryl can do no wrong. Nothing that he said could have turned his legions of female fans against him. Interestingly enough, the opposite is true of Beth. Beth has consistently been a relatively useless character, and whenever she does manage to do something of note, it is guaranteed to be something irritating. Whether it be her half-assed suicide attempt or her random bursts into song, Beth has proven time and time again that her role in this series is to be that girl that everyone hates. “Still” solidifies this fact. Continue reading “The Walking Dead, Episode 412: “Still””

The Walking Dead, Episode 405: “Internment”

This episode was painfully slow for 55 minutes, followed by 7 minutes of quasi-entertaining action, and 30 seconds of pure and utter bullshit. That adequately sums up “Internment.” Continue reading “The Walking Dead, Episode 405: “Internment””