The Walking Dead – S5, E3: “Four Walls and a Roof”

While watching “Four Walls and a Roof,” Steve pointed out that there were Bible verses printed on wall hangings in Saint Sarah’s Episcopal Church. He nonchalantly asked me if I thought they had an significance, and then he promptly went back to crushing his candy. My husband notices really intriguing details, he just doesn’t obsess over them like I do. While I give him full credit for discovering this fascinating detail, I am the one who dug into it. Of course, specific passages highlighted in a church during a zombie apocalypse are clearly not a coincidence. The following verses are listed on a wooden, tablet-esque wall hanging that can often be seen in the background during particularly tense moments: ROM 6:4; EZ 37:7; MA 27:52; RE 9:6; LU 24:5. Continue reading “The Walking Dead – S5, E3: “Four Walls and a Roof””


The Walking Dead: Episode 409, “After”

On Talking Dead this week, Greg Nicotero commented that “This is really the first time that our group is vulnerable and unprotected since Season 1.” That vulnerability is what has been missing from the show since they arrived at the prison. Not to say that the group hasn’t faced danger, it’s just that the danger hasn’t seemed particularly pressing. Continue reading “The Walking Dead: Episode 409, “After””

The Walking Dead, Episode 405: “Internment”

This episode was painfully slow for 55 minutes, followed by 7 minutes of quasi-entertaining action, and 30 seconds of pure and utter bullshit. That adequately sums up “Internment.” Continue reading “The Walking Dead, Episode 405: “Internment””

The Walking Dead, Episode 315: “This Sorrowful Life,”

This month’s Rolling Stone featured an article regarding the future of The Walking Dead. Aptly titled, “What’s Next for ‘Walking Dead’?, David Peisner relates that the series has been shuffling “showrunners,” but this has not impacted the show’s overwhelming success. Perhaps I am just not up-to-date on my television lingo, but does the term “showrunner” refer to the¬†director? The chief writer? Both? Peisner tosses around other synonyms- referring to Mazzara’s “first full season at the helm,” and so on, but for the life of me I have been unable to discern what the hell he is talking about. Maybe “showrunner” is an actual term that I have been blissfully unaware of up until this point in time? Regardless, Peisner relates the succession of this position from Frank Darabont to Glenn Mazzara, and then quickly from Mazzara to Scott Gimple. He goes on to claim that Mazzara’s “[departure] didn’t seem to impact the series any more than his predecessor’s considerably less amicable parting did the season before.” While I was not aware of this tumultuous drama going on behind the scenes, I have noticed a marked difference in The Walking Dead of Season 3 compared to the first two seasons. For one thing, it’s really¬†not that good anymore. Continue reading “The Walking Dead, Episode 315: “This Sorrowful Life,””