The Walking Dead – S5, E3: “Four Walls and a Roof”

While watching “Four Walls and a Roof,” Steve pointed out that there were Bible verses printed on wall hangings in Saint Sarah’s Episcopal Church. He nonchalantly asked me if I thought they had an significance, and then he promptly went back to crushing his candy. My husband notices really intriguing details, he just doesn’t obsess over them like I do. While I give him full credit for discovering this fascinating detail, I am the one who dug into it. Of course, specific passages highlighted in a church during a zombie apocalypse are clearly not a coincidence. The following verses are listed on a wooden, tablet-esque wall hanging that can often be seen in the background during particularly tense moments: ROM 6:4; EZ 37:7; MA 27:52; RE 9:6; LU 24:5. Continue reading “The Walking Dead – S5, E3: “Four Walls and a Roof””


“Hounded,” Episode 6- Season 3: The Walking Dead

 This week, Lori continues to cuckold Rick from beyond the grave (I have never had the opportunity to actually use the word “cuckold,” this is a momentous occasion, indeed). I am very glad that this happened, mainly because I had put my hatred for Lori on hold out of respect for Rick’s loss. Now, however, I fully accept responsibility for my lapse in judgment. Whether Rick was suffering from auditory hallucinations, or he has somehow become the resident Jonathan Edwards of the prison, the fact remains that Rick believes his dead wife called to remind him to take care of her baby. Throughout Lori’s entire pregnancy, Rick certainly acted as if this was not his baby, but this miracle phone call has caused him to change his mind or to no longer care. Thus, ghost Lori has used Rick’s guilt against him, and now he has been CUCKOLDED into raising Shane’s baby. Continue reading ““Hounded,” Episode 6- Season 3: The Walking Dead”