The Walking Dead – S5, E15: “Try”

// have not written about The Walking Dead since the midseason finale. It’s no secret that recent seasons have left me less than pleased, but on this eve of the Season 5 finale, I find myself with a few things to say. Continue reading “The Walking Dead – S5, E15: “Try””

The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 7 – “Crossed”

In yet another largely unimpressive season, some of The Walking Dead‘s most interesting scenes this year concern the church, and, more specifically, involve Father Gabriel. When audiences were initially introduced to this character, he was annoying, meek, and naive. As the season has progressed, he is still annoying, but he has also proven himself to be crafty, surprisingly capable, and probably evil. Continue reading “The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 7 – “Crossed””

The Walking Dead, Episode 416: “A”

I had a thorough discussion regarding “A” with my mother last night, who is one of the true authorities out there on The Walking Dead. My mom’s main concern about this episode was one that had not occurred to me, but now that she has brought it up, I must admit that I find it quite disconcerting as well. How exactly does one cannibalize a human during a zombie apocalypse? The virus is in everyone, so when someone dies, he or she will inevitably become a zombie. What is the turnover time here? Apparently, a good method is just to “chop them up and toss ’em on the grill,” at least according to mom. Maybe. Hopefully this will be addressed in Season 5, because it is a significant issue. Continue reading “The Walking Dead, Episode 416: “A””

The Walking Dead, Episode 405: “Internment”

This episode was painfully slow for 55 minutes, followed by 7 minutes of quasi-entertaining action, and 30 seconds of pure and utter bullshit. That adequately sums up “Internment.” Continue reading “The Walking Dead, Episode 405: “Internment””

The Walking Dead, Episode 316: “Welcome to the Tombs”

I browsed Twitter while watching the season finale of The Walking Dead, and if one were to judge “Welcome to the Tombs” solely based on tweets (or at least the tweets that were sanctioned as re-tweet-worthy by AMC), this was the greatest episode ever to air. This barrage of praise for such a mediocre episode left me puzzled. Actually, the general commendations for the entire season are really quite mysterious. So, I have spent the better part of this week reflecting upon Season 3, and I really, really, really tried to focus on the positive aspects of this season. Here’s what I came up with: Continue reading “The Walking Dead, Episode 316: “Welcome to the Tombs””

“When the Dead Come Knocking,” Episode 7 – Season 3: The Walking Dead

Every Sunday between 9:00pm and 10:00pm, I receive at least one text from my mother. This text is always insightful and thought-provoking, and it typically captures the true essence of the episode. This week’s text read as follows: “Hell, I was just starting to like Carl – until he named that baby.” Well said, Mom; that sums it up for me, too. Continue reading ““When the Dead Come Knocking,” Episode 7 – Season 3: The Walking Dead”

The Walking Dead, Season 3 – Episode 1: “Seed” or “Campfire Karaoke and Creepy Carl”

After months of anticipation, The Walking Dead has finally returned with its standard blend of gore and soap-opera-esque drama. The season three premiere artfully combines the slaughter of dozens of zombies with the internal struggles of the notably decreasing band of survivors. In the months that have passed since we last left the group, Lori looks like she could pop out that kid any day, but the baby’s questionable paternity seems to be taking its toll on the Grimes’ marriage. Continue reading “The Walking Dead, Season 3 – Episode 1: “Seed” or “Campfire Karaoke and Creepy Carl””