Going into Jobs, my knowledge of the Apple backstory was somewhat – but not entirely – limited. I was marginally prepared to judge this film due to an underrated little piece of cinema titled Pirates of Silicon Valley, an epic adventure that is succinctly described by IMDB as “History of Apple and Microsoft.” But in truth, it is so much more. You may be wondering to yourself how such a film could have escaped your radar. Sadly, 1999 made-for-TV TNT films tend to be overlooked. While Pirates has a real ‘90s feel about it in a film-making sense (dream sequences, quality dialogue, etc.), it neatly outlines the genesis of personal computing. It entertains and sustains audience attention; it moves quickly and wraps itself up in a tidy 95 minutes. As if things couldn’t get any better, Anthony Michael Hall plays Bill Gates, while Noah Wyle portrays his arch nemesis, Steve Jobs. This is the epitome of made-for-TV gold. Continue reading “Jobs”