Like Father Like Son – Season 2, Episode 212: Better Angels

Moral degeneration is a consistent theme in recent weeks of “The Walking Dead,” and this week is no exception. Shane fails at his murderous rampage (the carnage is halted after only Randall, although Randall is clearly intended as nothing other than collateral damage to lure in Rick). For Rick, a man so concerned with maintaining justice and order, stress and pressure have clearly taken their toll (revealed in Rick’s slow but steadily increasing nonchalance towards murder). Rick’s disintegration as a man is essentially manifested in his son, Carl. In a complete mirroring of Rick’s progressive fall, Carl loses his grip on morality and justice – however, the striking difference is the rapidity of Carl’s turn. Continue reading “Like Father Like Son – Season 2, Episode 212: Better Angels”


The Neighbors by Ania Ahlborn

Andrew Morrison is twenty-three years old and still lives with his mother. Employed by the local Kroger and with no college education, Drew is dedicated to supporting and enabling his alcoholic, agoraphobic mommy. After years of self-neglect, Drew finally throws a temper tantrum and abruptly moves into the degenerate bachelor pad of his childhood friend, Mickey. Mickey’s home is dilapidated, beyond filthy, and chiefly features a mysteriously locked room. Oh, the suspense! Continue reading “The Neighbors by Ania Ahlborn”