“The Killer Within,” The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 4

I knew that eventually Lori would have to have that baby. I also knew that with limited medical assistance available, the outcome was likely to be tragic. However, I was not prepared to be so upset by the people most impacted by Lori’s death – Rick and Carl. Kudos to both Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs for their raw and guttural portrayals of loss; I cried like a baby, especially during the flashback of Rick discussing death with Carl in the barn, saying, “There’s no way you can ever be ready for it.” Open the floodgates. Continue reading ““The Killer Within,” The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 4”


“Walk With Me,” Episode 3, Season 3 of The Walking Dead

I did not write about last week’s episode (“Seed”) because it seemed like a filler episode. I assumed that after episode 3, I would surely have a lot more to say. So here I sit, after having watched “Walk With Me,” and all I can think about is the governor’s strange taste in aquatic décor. Continue reading ““Walk With Me,” Episode 3, Season 3 of The Walking Dead”

The Walking Dead, Season 3 – Episode 1: “Seed” or “Campfire Karaoke and Creepy Carl”

After months of anticipation, The Walking Dead has finally returned with its standard blend of gore and soap-opera-esque drama. The season three premiere artfully combines the slaughter of dozens of zombies with the internal struggles of the notably decreasing band of survivors. In the months that have passed since we last left the group, Lori looks like she could pop out that kid any day, but the baby’s questionable paternity seems to be taking its toll on the Grimes’ marriage. Continue reading “The Walking Dead, Season 3 – Episode 1: “Seed” or “Campfire Karaoke and Creepy Carl””

1000 Ways to Die: A Eulogy

It is with a heavy heart that I write this sendoff to perhaps one of the most influential television programs of our era, which aired its final episode on Sunday, July 15th. MASH. Seinfeld. Friends. These shows have each become emblematic to American audiences. However, only one show has heroically dealt with the topic of death with such class and elegance that the docudrama will never be the same. This show, of course, is Spike TV’s revolutionary classic, 1000 Ways to Die. Continue reading “1000 Ways to Die: A Eulogy”