The Gates of Evangeline by Hester Young

// Cates, trendily known as “Charlie,” has endured the death of her child, and since that time has also experienced bizarre dreams about children in trouble. One of these dreams prompts her to accept a job researching a Louisiana family in order to write a book about the mystery that has plagued them for the past thirty years. This is interesting, because it feels like it takes at least another thirty years to make it through Hester Young’s snorefest here.

The Gates of Evangeline unfortunately falls into the ever-growing category of “mehhh.” Lately, everything I read is “mehhh,” with the exception of Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo, I highly recommend it. But I digress. There is an intriguing twist, but it takes so long for Young to spit it out that I figured it out hundreds of pages before the big reveal.

The predictability and the excessive length both make The Gates of Evangeline a sleep-inducing read. If you suffer from insomnia, get it on Audible and put it on at bedtime. I have done this and slept like a baby.

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