The Walking Dead – S5, E15: “Try”

// have not written about The Walking Dead since the midseason finale. It’s no secret that recent seasons have left me less than pleased, but on this eve of the Season 5 finale, I find myself with a few things to say.

I have likened TWD to a soap opera on more than one occasion, but “Try” really took this comparison to a whole new level. Actually, at times, this penultimate episode felt more akin to an after-school special. There is a focus on domestic abuse, and things are heating up between Carl and his little girlfriend. Perhaps the season finale will see Carl impregnate Enid, leading the group to partake in a serious discussion regarding the morality of abortion.

There are only so many routes that the plot can take in a zombie show, and The Walking Dead has exhausted each of them. Repeatedly. The group is on the road for a while. The group finds a sanctuary somewhere that seems safe. Said place is not actually safe. The group is on the road for a while. You get it. We’ve seen this pattern play out quite a few times before, and frankly, I don’t need to see it play out again. That being said, we all know that I am going to keep watching this increasingly predictable series to its end. I’ll just have to keep venting my frustrations here.


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