Accidents of Marriage by Randy Susan Meyers

// is a social worker with a borderline abusive husband named Ben. He assaults her verbally, throws heirlooms at walls, and, at the very least, is a total asshole. He suffers from road rage and while driving recklessly he gets into a near-deadly accident in which he endures a few scrapes and Maddy sustains potentially devastating head injuries. 

Ben vows to change, promising himself that he will become a better man and nurse his wife back to heath. Nevertheless, he manages to leave any and all responsibilities in the hands of his fourteen-year-old daughter while he has a brief affair with his intern. He must have been a real peach prior to the accident if this is how he acts while trying to better himself. So Maddy regains consciousness and finally develops some serious concerns regarding Ben, but by the end of the novel it seems probable that she will resume her doormat ways and reconcile with Benny Boo.

I don’t really understand what the point of this novel was. Meyers parallels Maddy’s awakening from her coma with her awakening towards the realities of her marriage. This is a neat trick, but in spite of acknowledging her husband for who he truly is, she seems accepting of her financial and physical dependence on him. She tells him that she won’t take him back, but then changes that “never” to a “maybe.” So what is the moral of the story? Stay with your mean husband after he almost (albeit, accidentally) kills you because now you rely on him too much to ever survive on your own. Uhhh…thanks, Randy Susan Meyers, for that empowering message. I don’t think I’ll be reading anymore of your drivel.


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