The Last Girlfriend on Earth and Other Love Stories by Simon Rich

// seems that as a woman, I am obligated to hate this book. Female Goodreads reviewers consistently label the collection as full of “gender stereotyping” and “easily accessible sexism.” I admit that my sense of humor can lean towards the low-brow. I also know that I tend to love things that feminists hate. Regardless, I found The Last Girlfriend on Earth and Other Love Stories was highly entertaining.

The collection opens with “Unprotected,” a sweet little tale about a lonely condom living out his life in a young man’s wallet. When the time finally comes for him to serve his purpose, he has expired. Other favorites include “Magical Mr. Goat,” “Sirens of Gowanus,” and “Set Up” – the basis fr the first episode of the new FX show based on this book, Man Seeking Woman.

Not everyone will be amused by these stories, or by the show, for that matter. Both contain a very different type of humor. People who tend to get tangled in the path of “what-ifs” will be most able to relate to the stories. The book is good, but the show is great. Just don’t forget to be offended and outraged if you are a woman.


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