American Horror Story: Freak Show – Season 4, Episode 12: “Showstoppers”

Tonight we bid farewell to the best season of American Horror Story to date. I am both curious and excited to learn how this storyline will be resolved, but I am also sad to see it all come to a close. With this potentially being Jessica Lange’s last season (again), I can only hope that she is given a proper sendoff.

The freak show runs into many problems in Jimmy’s absence: Dell is murdered, Chester moves in (and out), Stanley is mutilated and Maggie is sawed in half. Earlier in the season, Dandy tried to saw Maggie in half when he was going through his clown phase. This time, Jimmy wasn’t there to save her, an she really has no one to thank but herself. Clearly, Jimmy is the true leader of the freaks, and I’m guessing that tonight his triumphant return will lead to their salvation.

In winding down the season, AHS writers also seem to be pulling Dandy and the twins together. Dot killed her mother and Dandy killed his. The girls have a penchant for dangerous psychopaths, and Dandy fits the bill. Both parties seem to have a soft spot for Elsa. Regardless of whether the Tattlers and Dandy actually get together, certain parallels are being drawn. Perhaps tonight will explain why.

Jimmy Darling will come kick some ass with his wooden lobster hands, Elsa will become triumphant in Hollywood, and I have no clue how anything else will work out. It’s been a great season so far, please don’t mess it up now.

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