American Horror Story: Freak Show – Season 4, Episode 11: “Magical Thinking”

I don’t like the Tattler twins for many reasons, yet my primary issue with Dot and Bette has become the fact that they prefer this Chester character to Dandy Mott. I understand that both of these gentlemen are considerably disturbed, but some level of psychosis seems to be a dating requirement for these girls. That being the case, Dandy is clearly the superior choice.

For one thing, Dandy is way better at keeping his inner psycho to himself. When he needs to, he can turn on the charm and make us forget about that time he shot his mom in the head and used her body as a marionette. Chester, however, cannot contain himself and constantly talks to Marjorie whether others are present or not.

Chester’s inability to appear normal in social situations stems from his lack of awareness regarding his condition. Chester genuinely believes that Marjorie is a real person. Conversely, Dandy is well aware of his deranged tendencies, and he fully embraces them. This self-awareness is another quality that elevates Dandy. Chester appears less intelligent due to his naivete, whereas Dandy seems more clever.

Honestly, I doubt that the Tattlers will end up with either suitor. I would be shocked if they made it through this season alive.

“Magical Thinking” was intriguing, but ultimately it was a lot of setup. It also left me confused as to why Elsa sold the freak show to Chester when he expressed no interest in buying it in the first place. Paul mentioned that the freaks were pulling together their resources in an effort to take ownership; it seems that this should have been a more prominent plot point. Hopefully these things will be explained. Hopefully tonight’s episode packs more of a punch.

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