American Horror Story: Freak Show – Season 4, Episode 9: “Tupperware Party Massacre”

Throughout this season, Dandy Mott has been trying to find himself. When we first meet Dandy, he identifies with Elsa’s freaks and truly feels that he would be at home with them. As the season progresses, however, Twisty the Clown takes him in as a protege of sorts, and Dandy starts identifying as a clown-costume-clad psychotic murderer. Dandy abandons this persona upon falling in love with Bette Tattler, and ultimately it is her rejection that leaves him completely perplexed regarding his place in this world. “Tupperware Party Massacre” features Dandy’s self-awakening: he is a god, and he has fully embraced his destiny.

I have previously discussed the fact that Dandy’s identity is analogous with his underwear. His choice in childish undergarments relates that he is a child sociopath in an adult’s body. Interestingly enough, for the past two episodes we have seen a whole lot of Finn Wittrock, and those undies were not included. This deliberate move from tighty-whities to exposed bum indicates that Dandy is a man now. Or as much of a man as Dandy is capable of being. Remember, this same episode Dandy was putting on a puppet show for himself out of the stitched together corpses of his mother and a nameless Avon lady. Thus,¬†inbreeding has rendered Dandy a bit off, to say the least, and perhaps this explains his penchant for murder and his often infantile behavior. He is not likely to fully mature out of these vital character traits; nevertheless, Dandy has changed since taking charge and taking out Gloria. The murder of his mother allows him to be fully responsible for himself for the first time in his life, and this power trip has been so influential that Dandy now believes himself to be a god amongst men.

Dandy relates several times that he is now “above the law,” and he actually might be right. He tells Regina that he has murdered both of their mothers. Regina seeks the help of the police, but the police actually help Dandy and kill Regina. Is Dandy’s promise of financial reward enough to merit this behavior, or is there something more at play? His murderous rampage seems effortless, and he certainly has no trouble placing the blame elsewhere. Could all of those bloodbaths really be contributing to his god-like status, or is his luck about to run out?

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