Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography by Rob Lowe

I have always been vaguely aware of Rob Lowe, but it has only been within the last two months or so that I have developed a full-blown crush on the man. This is largely due to my recent binge-watching of the entire Parks and Recreation series, paired with Lowe’s new Direct TV commercials. Both are amazing. Other than that, the only things I knew about Rob Lowe were that he played my favorite character in the mini-series based on The Stand (LOVE Nick Andros) and that at one time, he was involved in some sort of sex scandal. Deciding that it was high time that I learned more about this man, I purchased his book.

Audible is 100% the way to go here. Lowe reads it himself, and he is fantastic. I wish he would read to me every day. This man’s life is genuinely fascinating. Obsessed with acting from an early age, an adolescent Lowe actually convinced Liza Minnelli to let him into her hotel room just so he could have a brief chat with the star. This focus helped him get through a rather trying childhood, while solidifying his child-star status by the time he was fifteen. Lowe details a brilliant story in which he goes to the home of a girl that he is somewhat dating to watch the premiere of his after-school special. To his horror, the girl’s father turns out to be Cary Grant. Grant decides to watch the special with them, commends Lowe’s performance, and gives him some complimentary soap-on-a-rope. Hearing Lowe relate this awkward encounter in his own voice is more than enough to make this an entirely worthwhile purchase.

Lowe proves himself to be that rare exception of child star that has not only maintained a career, but has even risen to greater stardom. His story is often one of struggle, but he tells it with a great sense of humor and optimism. As far as celebrity autobiographies go, this one is at the top of my list.

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