The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 6 – “Consumed”

I am still missing what is so awful about Grady Memorial Hospital. I, for one, would not hesitate to indefinitely mop floors if it meant sterile living conditions and food. Beth just needs to shut her face and be nice to Dawn. I guess she won’t have to, though, since apparently Daryl has gone back to camp to summon the reinforcements. There has to be a big, ominous standoff between Team Rick and a “threatening” outside establishment – this type of battle has become typical of the midseason finale. I hate when things become typical on The Walking Dead

It was refreshing to see Daryl and Carol back together, but something seems amiss. They are still a great team; however, now there is a palpable tension between them. Carol almost seems resentful of the fact that Daryl has matured and he is no longer so dependent on her. Not that he was ever needy or submissive, but he did rely on her in a way that he no longer does.

“Consumed” dwells on the ways that both Carol and Daryl have evolved throughout the series. The focus is primarily on Carol, made obvious by the 1,200 flashbacks that permeated the episode. Carol explains that it was only through the apocalypse that she was able to become who she was always destined to be – a badass. With images of fire – both cleansing and destructive – Carol indirectly likens herself to a phoenix, as she has re-emerged from he ashes on multiple occasions, each time a little bit stronger. That entire description felt like a Kelly Clarkson song; my sincerest apologies. Actually, why am I apologizing? The TWD writers should be expressing remorse for the fact that all clips of Carol from “Consumed” could easily be assembled in a montage featuring a choreographed zombie dance sequence to the soundtrack of Clarkson’s “Stronger.” Someone please make this happen.

While Carol has become a warrior woman, Daryl has become a man. Carol recognizes that he no longer depends on her emotionally, and by filching the book Treating Survivors of Childhood Abuse, he finally chooses to deal with his childhood trauma as well. You go, Daryl. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (cue the montage).

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