The Walking Dead – Season 5, Episode 5: “Self Help”

“If Maggie doesn’t even give a shit about Beth, why should I?” This had never occurred to me. The one person that should be out there championing the search for Beth has all but forgotten her little sister. She’s found Glenn, so she has disregarded Beth. My mom is a huge Dead fan, but, as evidenced by her above observation, even she reached her limit this week. It is becoming a weekly struggle to sit through the entire episode, especially when TLC’s 90 Day Fiance is on at the exact same time and, sadly, is far more entertaining.

I miss Rick. I miss Daryl. I get the impression that I should have been more shocked by Eugene’s deceit. Not that I was expecting it, exactly, but it is somewhat difficult to envision a mulletted man employed as a scientist (Mom gets credit for noticing that one, too).

All in all, “Self Help” just felt like another filler episode. I am a little disappointed that Eugene did not hold the secret that he claimed to, as that would have inevitably led to the end of the series. Alas.

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