The Walking Dead – S5, E2: “Strangers”

It’s no secret that I have been progressively disappointed in The Walking Dead, but this is the first time that I can remember actually zoning out. The whole middle of the episode is a blur. There were some swimming walkers, and the next thing I knew, everyone was drinking the church wine. It had been a long day and I assumed it was just me. I watched it again this morning, AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED. I caught on this time, and I forced myself to maintain focus. It was difficult. Water-logged walkers, a shady priest, someone watching in the woods – it sounds so promising. Something is just missing.

I know it was meant to be intense, but it came across as campy. And funny. Those slow-motion scenes of the group walking over the hill made me laugh out loud. And then, all of those serious discussions so that everyone on Team Rick could resolve their issues. Tyrese and Carol make up about that time Carol murdered his girlfriend. Rick and Carol make up for that time Rick abandoned Carol in the wilderness. These are fairly intense transgressions, but forgiveness is easily granted in all cases. Rick and Tara even exchange knucks. She was involved in the attack on the prison, but that fact is instantly forgotten.

I like the idea of Father Gabriel, and I think his storyline could go somewhere good. I also like that Rick is pretty much back to himself. I was not a fan of emo-kid Rick, although “stuff and thangs” will always be one of my favorite moments of the series. Speaking of Rick, now that he has been reunited with Judith, several issues come to mind: 1. Where do they find such cute baby clothes during a zombie apocalypse? and 2. Judith appears to be a ginger; Rick, Shane, and Lori are all brunettes. Sgt. Abraham Ford is a ginger. Perhaps Lori was a greater skank than anyone had previously imagined.

SPOILER ALERT. Bob. Or, as Chris Hardwick mentioned on The Talking Dead, #Bob-B-Q. This was intended to be dramatic and terrifying. I giggled. The camera pans away. The missing leg is evident. I choke on my Pop Tarts because my first response is uncontrollable laughter (cookie dough, in case you were wondering). Maybe because Garreth’s dialogue is so terrible: it was something to the effect that Bob tasted better than he looked. Really? If there were really a pack of man-hunting cannibals roaming the zombie-infested woods, I sincerely doubt that they would keep someone alive so that a prepared speech could be shared with this individual while his leg is consumed. Not that The Walking Dead is at all steeped in reality, I had just hoped that the cannibalism would at least be more convincing.

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