American Horror Story, Freakshow – S4, E2: “Massacres and Matinees”

As per usual, this week’s installment of American Horror Story raises more questions than it answers, primarily: how (genetically speaking) did the World’s Strongest Man and a bearded lady produce a lobster child? I was told by a reliable source that one “must be the child of a lobster person to be a lobster person.” I guess Ryan Murphy can rewrite the laws of genetics. Otherwise, “Massacres and Matinees” is about par for the course – a bothersome ambiance, more senseless Twisty murders, and a contemporary musical number.

Speaking of our friend Twisty, I just read an article claiming that the clown club Clowns of America International is quite displeased regarding the portrayal of their kind. My first thought (which is also acknowledged in the article) was that a fictional clown will never ruin clowns’ reputations as much as, say, John Wayne Gacy, notorious rapist and murderer of little boys who also happened to be a clown. Nevertheless, those clowns just need to accept the fact that they are terrifying creatures that bring joy to no one (

Creepy clowns aside, Twisty may have met his match in Dandy. As pointed out to me by Tarah, Dandy is intriguing in that he aspires to be a part of the freak community, but he is physically normal. Mentally, he certainly meets the standards for freakdom, as his hobbies include killing cats and consuming Cognac from a baby bottle. In a strange way, he almost parallels the plight of Elsa Mars. Elsa has no legs, but it seems that she has been able to hide this fact from everyone. By concealing her deformity, Elsa has put herself on a platform above her freaks – she wants to be of the freak world, but only in a way in which she is superior. Elsa is a freak but doesn’t want to be; Dandy’s is a parallel of opposition.

Elsa is an interesting character, but I still don’t like Jessica Lange as the protagonist. This shift in the series towards focusing on her character may be playing a role in the notable absence of my favorite AHS alum: Zachary Quinto, Dylan McDermott, and Dylan McDermott’s ass – I think we can all agree that McDermott’s ass deserved a headlining credit in Season 1. These men were in lead roles in previous seasons, but now there is just no room for them. There is no longer an ensemble cast, just Jessica Lange and her supporting actors. I am by no means trying to diminish the rest of the cast, but they have been blatantly shoved in the background so that the spotlight strictly shines on Lange. It’s’ a sad waste of a lot of talent.

Next week we get to meet the guy with a head  behind his head, and it looks like the deplorable Emma Roberts is back. I wish Evan Peters would finally dump her so she could go and find her own show already. I am trying to stay positive about this season by maintaining my faith that Emma’s character will be Twisty’s next victim.

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