President Me: The America That’s in My Head by Adam Carolla

In President Me: The America That’s in My Head, Adam Carolla offers a plethora of solutions to the problems that plague our country, while shamelessly plugging his new alcoholic beverage, Mangria. By the end of the book, not only was I left with a desire to buy all of Carolla’s other books, but also a strong need to purchase a jug of Mangria.

I’ve never watched The Man Show or Love Line; I actually first encountered Carolla on one of his more recent efforts, To Catch  a Contractor. Unexpectedly amused, I decided to check out his newest book, and I was not disappointed. Carolla mainly discusses the many changes that he would implement if he were president. The pressing issues include theme restaurants, inconsistency in wine bottle capacity, and the expanded definition of “service dogs.”

He had me at red wine. Carolla brilliantly identifies a struggle that all wine drinkers are familiar with: the uneven contents of a bottle and the dreaded half glass that can often result. This is a very real problem, and it’s about time someone addressed it.

At times, Carolla is prone to off-topic tirades, but they are typically more entertaining and thoughtful than annoying. He actually has some valid points on the importance of the family unit. Carolla stresses that most children take the actions of their parents to heart, so an intact family unit is an essential building bock in creating upstanding future citizens of America.

The great thing about President Me is that Carolla is able to sneak in some perceptive social commentary without impacting his cynical tone or sounding overly preachy. I thoroughly enjoyed President Me, and I fully intend o invest in Carolla’s other books, as well as in his alcoholic products.

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