The Walking Dead, Episode 415: “Us”

With only one episode remaining, “Us” concludes with some of our survivors successfully arriving at Terminus. The most dramatic aspect of this sequence is the fact that they are greeted by Denise Crosby, aka Rachel Creed from the spectacularly awful film version of Pet Sematary. I can just hear Jud Crandall now… “Sometimes, dead is better.”

Otherwise, there was a lot of setup in this episode. Daryl seems to be getting along with the ringleader of those miscreants he’s been loafing with. They are apparently on the hunt for that “walking piece of fecal matter” known as Rick, so I imagine this will lead to an interesting confrontation.

Also, although I am developing a fondness for Dr. Eugene Porter, I am sincerely questioning whether or not this man is who he says he is. I want some more backstory. Where did Abraham and Rosita find this guy? Who the heck is Rosita anyway? Eugene was proposing the idea that the dinosaurs were killed off by this zombie virus, and he sounded pretty serious. I guess I just want to know exactly where this guy went to doctor school.

So again, we are left with an awful lot of setup and not a lot of time to resolve all of this. I am predicting a typically disappointing season finale. Terminus seems too good to be true; it looks like a combination of the prison and Woodbury, and Rachel Creed just seems a little too friendly. She does know an awful lot about resurrecting the dead.


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