The Walking Dead, Episode 412: “Still”

Many are praising “Still” for its uniqueness when compared to past episodes of The Walking Dead. Here, the focus is solely on two somewhat neglected characters, and viewers learn much about strong, silent Daryl and the endlessly irritating Beth. Let’s face it, at this point, Daryl can do no wrong. Nothing that he said could have turned his legions of female fans against him. Interestingly enough, the opposite is true of Beth. Beth has consistently been a relatively useless character, and whenever she does manage to do something of note, it is guaranteed to be something irritating. Whether it be her half-assed suicide attempt or her random bursts into song, Beth has proven time and time again that her role in this series is to be that girl that everyone hates. “Still” solidifies this fact.

I know that as a viewer, I was meant to be charmed by Daryl and Beth’s bonding moment. Beth wants to partake in the rituals of young adulthood, I get it. This gesture should have been relatable, but something about it occurring in Beth just made me want to smack her. Her need for a “real drink,” paired with her incessantly nagging “Mr. Dixon” only made me realize that I really don’t like this character. In fact, up until this episode I didn’t think about Beth much. I don’t know that I’ve ever mentioned her in a blog post before. “Still” forced me to reflect on what a nuisance Beth has been from the start, and now I have a fully acknowledged distaste for her that I may have never realized had I not spent an entire episode in her company.

While Beth’s pubescent behavior was magnified, Daryl only became more lovable. The angst, the tormented childhood, the adverse reaction to moonshine – all of these things only enhanced what seemed beyond enhancement. There was a rumor circulating on various social media circuits that Daryl was going to eat Beth in this episode, something that I anxiously awaited, but to no avail. I’m not entirely convinced that this won’t happen in a future episode; I doubt that Daryl can tolerate much more of Beth, particularly after witnessing her weak bird flipping abilities.

A final thought – one that is not really related to any of the above mentioned comments: did anyone else notice that the group has been broken down largely into male/female pairs a la Noah’s ark? There are some children tossed in there, but it’s still noteworthy: Rick and Michonne, Daryl and Beth, Carol and Tyrese, Glen and Tara, Maggie and that medic guy and Sasha. Well, that medic just got lucky I guess; regardless, it’s interesting. I picture them all marching onto some ark two by two to wait out the apocalypse and repopulate the world. The show has taken some rather Biblical turns before, so I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if they jumped the shark and allowed Noah a cameo.

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