The Walking Dead, Episode 411: “Claimed”

“Claimed” ends with Carl, Michonne, and Rick on the road to Terminus. More characters are headed to a sanctuary and out of immediate harm. Away from the walkers. In a show about walkers. Sure, the interaction between the survivors is just as vital an aspect of the show. Let’s face it, The Walking Dead is essentially a soap opera with the occasional zombie confrontation. As more and more characters find the way to Terminus, however, we are left with more tension between the characters themselves, leaving the quest for survival to take a back seat plot-wise.

Again, I am not opposed to the character-driven aspect of the show, it’s just that I don’t care about the characters that are interacting. I am sick of seasons spent preparing for battle with other groups of survivors. I understand that new characters need introduced, but none of these people have the appeal of the core group. I don’t care if Tyrese ever finds Sasha. I don’t care if Tara ever assuages her guilt. I long for the days of mounting strain between Rick and Shane, of Daryl overcoming the specter of Meryl, of Rick killing Shane, and Sophia in the barn. Remember Sophia in the barn? That feeling of total shock and the rush that came with it? Yeah, soak in that memory, because those glory days are long gone.

The Walking Dead, as it stands, has become stale and predictable. I liked when anyone could die at anytime, but it’s become clear that killing off Daryl or even Rick would cause ratings to plummet. Thus, immunity has been granted. Thus, stale and predictable. Rant over. Maybe next week I’ll have a plot point to discuss. For now I’ll just leave it at my tired rant on the decline of a once great show. RIP The Walking Dead. RIP.


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