The Walking Dead, Episode 410: “Inmates”

This episode didn’t do it for me, a fact that is clearly evident in the lateness of this post. “Inmates” is in the filler category, a grouping in which the majority of The Walking Dead‘s episodes seem to fall these days. An even greater transgression, though, is the introduction of Terminus towards the end of the episode. The characters are apparently going to immediately move into another refuge – a refuge destined to create plot stagnancy sooner rather than later.

The only surprising aspect of Inmates” is the fact that all of the main characters (with the exception of Hershel, of course) survived the prison massacre. Specifically, Glen. This guy was so sick that he couldn’t walk onto the bus without help. And yet, in the course of a few hours, he effortlessly straps on some riot gear and sprints through a hoard of walkers. Sure, when all is said and done, he collapses, and it will probably be argued that adrenaline and the will to survive allowed him to briefly overcome his illness. Maybe, but he still looks a bit too recovered considering the previous extent of his illness. The same can be said of Sasha, who was barely able to stand just minutes before the Governor showed up. Now she’s fine and dandy. The Governor’s arrival spawned a mass healing! hallelujah!

Really, though – everyone made it out? The baby. the kids, even Carol shows up! And as if Lizzie was not disturbing enough, we learn that she is a rabbit murderer and an aspiring baby killer. She’ll probably really get along with that new guy.

Abraham Ford is apparently a big deal in the graphic novel, but that didn’t make me happy to see him. I haven’t even accepted the last batch of new characters. I’m not ready for any other additions.

The ending of this episode doesn’t make the rest of the season look very promising. In fact, it looks awfully similar to the Woodbury/prison dynamic that I thought we could finally put behind us. What happened to the exciting possibilities that Nicotero teased on last week’s Talking Dead?

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