The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty

Ellen is a hypnotist with a new boyfriend. He is perfect, except for the fact that his ex-girlfriend, Saskia, has been stalking him for years. Ellen has even been unknowingly seeing Saskia as one of her hypnotherapy clients. Ellen and Patrick move forward with their relationship, but Saskia only becomes increasingly persistent with her creepy activities. While at first Saskia’s presence is something of a novelty, Ellen begins to feel more and more threatened as she and Patrick become engaged and Ellen finds out she is pregnant.In spite of the dark subject matter, Moriarty’s fourth novel is actually quite lighthearted and funny. Moriarty moves between the perspectives of Ellen and Saskia, which provides an interesting view of the menacing situations. Ellen may be mortified when Saskia breaks into her home and makes cookies, but to Saskia, this seems like a perfectly rational thing to do. Moreover, Moriarty provides an intriguing view into the mindset of a stalker, with the counterpoint of the individual being stalked.

The Hypnotist’s Love Story is also unbearably sappy. I try to avoid chick lit, and when I encounter it, I try to avoid liking it. I know, I know. The book is called The Hypnotist’s Love Story, I should have anticipated some level of sap. It was tolerable sap, though. The plot moves well and although some of the details regarding Ellen’s conception seem irrelevant, they are easy enough to skip over.

Underneath the sap, The Hypnotist’s Love Story is a fast-paced and inoffensive read. I feel like I shouldn’t be condoning chick lit, but I am willing to admit that I could not put this book down.

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