American Horror Story: Coven, Episode 312: “Go to Hell”

With only one episode left in Season 3, I thought that perhaps the writers of American Horror Story: Coven might feel compelled to try wrapping up some of the holes in the plot. Granted, with all of the damage that has been done to this season, this task would certainly take more than one episode. I still thought they might give it a shot. When will I learn? Murphy has never adequately wrapped up a season of American Horror Story, and I don’t know why I thought he would start now. Coven started out as such a promising season with some great characters and ideas. With each passing week, these ideas and characters have steadily disintegrated to the point that I no longer care about any of them. This episode, in particular, made no sense. How the heck did a freshly blind Cordelia find her way to the Axeman’s house? The girls of the coven kill the Axeman, but wasn’t he already dead? Oh, and they killed him because he killed Fiona, but weren’t they all very recently trying to kill Fiona themselves? Does Kyle’s character even have a point anymore?

Everybody can bring everybody back from the dead. With the exception of Nan, apparently. So Fiona’s probably not dead after all; perhaps she will be resurrected in her present form, which seems to be that of alligator fecal matter. She always was a shitty supreme (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

I am so very excited for the finale. I only have to tolerate one more episode of this bologna. As I may have mentioned once or twice, I don’t care who the supreme is. It’s probably going to be some sappy ending where everyone is the supreme and they all share Kyle and live happily ever after. I will watch it, but I don’t need to see it to confidently state that this is the worst season of American Horror Story that I have ever seen. How can something that started out so good turn out so bad?



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