American Horror Story: Coven, Episode 308, “The Sacred Taking”

“The Sacred Taking” refers to a revered ritual that the ladies partake in in order to try and save the coven. Ideally, the climax of this ritual involves the Supreme taking her own life. Fiona clearly won’t go down without a fight, so Cordelia and co. must get creative to convince their Supreme that she should just end it all now. Strangely enough, Fiona doesn’t need much convincing.

I find it hard to believe that Fiona would cave so easily to the proposition of suicide. I understand that she has terminal cancer and that her execution will take place should Fiona not take the pills, but still, it just seems out of character for her. Luckily, ghost Spalding comes to the rescue just in time to inform Fiona of the plot against her. He additionally calls her out on her immediate acceptance of the lies told to her. And then, just like that, Fiona returns to the witch we know and love.

Myrtle is officially back from the dead, and fortunately Murphy has strayed from the trend and spares us from a Myrtle/Madison/Zoe/Kyle orgy. We truly dodged a bullet.

Misty Day is believed by all to be the new Supreme, which means she definitely is not. The show has pretty concretely outlined that the Supreme must be well-versed in all aspects of witchdom, but Misty is proficient at only one: resurgence. Still, the coven will go on a wild goose chase to convince viewers that Misty may indeed be the chosen one, only to reveal that this is not the case. I think at this point, everyone is rooting for Nan, especially since Murphy consistently throws in jabs regarding the impossibility of Nan as the next Supreme.

I am not entirely sure what went down between Luke and his mommy, but it looked like he was on the receiving end of a powdered Clorox enema. I’m sure his soul is squeaky clean now.

In a shocking turn, Luke’s mom was shot repeatedly and once everyone was positive that she was dead, Misty Day brought her back to life. No one stays dead in this show, which was nifty the first 30 times, but now it’s getting just a tad bit stale as a major plot point.

And of course, Delphine has been decapitated. Last week was a rough one for the heads of supporting characters (see my review of The Walking Dead‘s midseason finale for details regarding Hershel’s beheading). Marie Laveau’s act wasn’t entirely surprising, since she’s still mourning the minotaur and she enjoys chopping off Delphine’s body parts. Delphine is not dead, but she has been separated from that kickass tiger sweatshirt, and that is something we will all mourn.

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