The Walking Dead, Episode 407: “Dead Weight”

After exactly one episode of somewhat normalcy, the Governor is back in full swing. It’s for the best. Compassion didn’t suit him well, While he has shed the Brian Heriot persona, he seems intent on keeping his new family, something we have never seen. In the past, he’s either had a family or been the Governor – never both. Can he handle it? I doubt it.

He really flips the switch between personalities quickly, and poor Martinez is the subject of his wrath. Martinez just wanted a little help managing the power, merely suggesting that “maybe we could share the crown.” That was all it took. The Governor goes on to take out Martinez, kill Pete, and tell Mitch how things are going to be. Meanwhile, Lily is completely oblivious to the fact that Brian Heriot is no more. The Governor definitely thinks that the only way to maintain his new family is to control things himself. This just does not seem like it can end well.

And his grand plan? Another stab at the prison, since that worked out so well the first time. I’m sure this seems like a fine idea in his head, but he is not going to be too thrilled once he finds out what state the prison is in.

I just don’t know where things can go from here. Sooner or later, Team Rick will have to leave the prison. The place is completely contaminated and the fence doesn’t have much life left in it. Strategy-wise, it might make more sense to just let the Governor have the place. but no, they will have an epic battle. Another fight for the prison. How many of these can possibly take place? It seems like the prison battle is destined to become an annual occurrence on the show.

Deaths are promised on Sunday. I suspect this means the slaughter of minor characters that no one cares about anyway. At least this is what has happened in the past. It’s time for the death of a major character, but I sincerely doubt that will actually happen.

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