The Walking Dead, Episode 405: “Internment”

This episode was painfully slow for 55 minutes, followed by 7 minutes of quasi-entertaining action, and 30 seconds of pure and utter bullshit. That adequately sums up “Internment.”

I love Hershel, but his need to shield the sickies from zombie murder is not very productive to his plight. He has the aid of Glen and Sasha, but they are fading fast. As Hershel’s resources are so limited, it seems that he should employ them towards some more useful endeavors. Glen looks to be about on his deathbed, but I suspect that he will miraculously recover – Maggie is the one who is really in trouble.

Remember that really awkward moment earlier in the season when Maggie is asleep in the watch tower and Glen snaps a sentimental Polaroid? That picture has to come back into play at some point, like when Glen will be mourning her death and that picture is the only thing he has to remember her. She kisses Glen on the lips when they finally get him breathing again, a perfect way to transmit zombie swine flu.

Things started to get interesting when the walkers bust through the prison fence again. Rick and Carl each grab some impressive guns and go to town. The episode suddenly becomes interesting since these two manage to take down 10,000 or so walkers by themselves. My interest quickly dissipated, though, as I began wondering yet again why the group doesn’t just go live at Woodbury. At the very least, they could try learning from some of the town’s more successful techniques, for instance, using guns to pick of individual walkers as they approach. Waiting for a hoard of them to knock down the fence seems to be working just swimmingly. Rick and Carl’s bonding time was pretty impressive, though, particularly since Rick is relative unfazed by the hoard and is clearly more concerned by the wrath of Daryl. Rightly so, as I imagine Daryl just might kill him.

And just like that, this briefly salvaged episode was irreparably destroyed by the closing image – the Governor. They just tossed him in there like an afterthought. I just envision some writer exclaiming, “I know what will make this episode suck less!”, and hastily writing him in as a last ditch effort to repair another subpar episode. Why?! I can’t even comprehend it – I can think of no sensible reason for the Governor to show up now. The prison plot has so much potential – a possibly mutating zombie virus, a crippled group, an unstable refuge. But no – why write complex and compelling storylines when we can take the easy way out by bringing back the Governor. The writing on The Walking Dead has been steadily plummeting since Frank Darabont’s departure after the conclusion of Season 2, and I truly believe that the show is beyond redemption at this point. Frank Darabont – wherever you are, please come back. Please. Have you seen what they’ve done to your show?!

I vented all of these frustrations to my mother, who responded with her thoughts on a perfect ending for “Internment” – Carol should have been standing next to the Governor. As awesome as that would be, we won’t see another ending like that unless someone convinces Frank to come back.

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