The Walking Dead, Episode 404: “Indifference”

Episode 404 is titled “Indifference,” probably because that’s how most viewers felt when the episode was finally over. My first thought was, “I am so happy this episode is over so I can go to sleep.” Sleep? I used to be so wired after an episode of The Walking Dead that sleep was an impossibility. Now I struggle to keep my eyes open as another melodramatic soap opera episode drags on and on and on. Even Carol didn’t care when Rick kicked her out of the group – she was happy to get out of there! That’s exactly how I feel on Thursdays when I watch my Tivo’ed episode of Coven; I am simply overjoyed by the fact that I am not watching The Walking Dead.

One aspect that particularly annoyed me this week was the fact that there was no acknowledgement of the promising plot developments that occurred last week. There was a hoard of thousands of zombies and a mysterious voice on the radio. One would think that Daryl’s group might find these topics worth discussing. But no, apparently the specter of Bob’s potential alcoholism is more important that the danger at hand. I think it is safe to say that Bob will be killed off by either the approaching hoard of the swine flu long before his liver gets the best of him.

Furthermore – and yes, I feel so self-righteous right now that furthermore is the only way to start this sentence – FURTHERMORE, why on earth would Rick ditch Carol?! Rick was concerned that Tyrese would kill her if he found out what she did, but really Rick should be more worried that Daryl will come after him for abandoning his lady-love. Maybe Rick was just a little moody after losing his favorite watch, but it really does not seem like he thought this decision through all the way. Carol had become pretty instrumental to the everyday functioning of the group. Oh yeah, and then there was that time that Rick killed Shane and expected everyone to just be cool with it. His rationale here just doesn’t add up, which leads me to believe that he had ulterior motives for this act. Perhaps he is threatened by her; perhaps he wants Daryl all to himself. Whatever the reason, it’s clearly not because she killed some incredibly sick minor characters that were going to die anyway.

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