The Walking Dead, Episode 403: “Isolation”

I did not dislike this episode, but I really don’t have too much to say about it. It was just one of those mehh episodes with a lot of dialogue and setup. In theory, this means that next week’s episode should be pretty good. Should. Unfortunately, I am still haunted by the massive disappointment that is Season 3, so I remain a bit skeptical.
I did enjoy the fact that Rick gave Tyrese what was coming to him. Frankly, Tyrese should be a little embarrassed; he’s a pretty big guy, and while Rick walked away virtually unscathed, Tyrese’s face has seen better days. Later, though, Rick seemed ashamed of his actions. He has been trying pretty hard to suppress the Ricktator in favor of Old MacDonald, but this time, he just couldn’t help himself. The council is a nice idea in theory, but the group still needs a leader. Rick had his faults in the role, but he’s a natural leader, and thus the natural choice. Daryl definitely misses him, and I would like to see that bromance reignited.
In the meantime, Carl has become the ultimate tattletale. He has taken tattletaling to a whole new level, which is simultaneously pathetic and admirable. Hershel wants to go forage for berries and delectables, when suddenly he is stopped cold by the threat of Carl’s narking ways. Hershel is left with no choice other than to allow Carl to be his escort. He then tells Carl how much he [Carl] has matured in the time that he was gunless. This is questionable, as life without a firearm has led Carl to adopt the “I’d have to tell my dad” strategy that he has become so fond of lately. Carl has retained that desire to shoot any walkers that cross his path, while Hershel has retained his fondness for the more peaceful zombie qualities, leading me to wonder if he is considering the construction of a new barn.
I am intrigued by the massive hoard that Daryl and co. encounter; the zombies seem to have taken on a different character this season, displaying a flock mentality that I don’t remember from past seasons. Carol’s nonchalant confession was surprising; for some reason I had no idea it could have been her. Really, I am just rambling at this point, hopefully, more coherently than Marilyn Manson was on Talking Dead. Did anyone else witness that? What was happening?!?! I’m just going to stop before I get to that point, and hopefully next week will prove more fruitful for analysis.

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