The Walking Dead, Episode 311: “I Ain’t a Judas”

After weeks of disapointment, I had braced myself for another subpar episode of The Walking Dead. “I Ain’t a Judas” wasn’t great. That being said, there are some interesting things happening, but my stuborn disgust with recent episodes has blinded me to the show’s potential for goodness.

Rick and the Governor are being positioned as foils, and the developing parallels are pretty spiffy. I can’t take credit for this observation, as my perceptive husband offhandedly pointed out the connection. In essence, he explained that the recent events are making Rick’s situation more closely resemble that of the Governor: Rick is pretty crazy now, but Phillip may have looked pretty similar following the death of his own wife.

First of all, excellent observation, hun. While I am jealous that I didn’t take note of the parallel, its existance really makes me wonder what Rick’s future holds. Will he learn to keep his crazy behind closed doors (or locked in a secret room a la Penny)? I somehow doubt that the Governor was ever like Rick. Then again, in Season 1, I never would have pictured Rick conversing with his dead wife while pursuing his valiant quest to do “stuff and things.”  When the Governor’s wife died, was he a hot mess? Or, was he much like he is now? Did withholding his emotions turn him into what he is now? Or the Penny thing? Sorry I’m just fixated on the general creepiness of keeping your zombie daughter on a leash so you can brush her hair on occassion.

Regardless of what turned the Governor into the uncomfortable man we see today, his showdown with Rick is inevitable at this point. So, Rick looks crazy on the outside, and is internal mental stability is questionable at best. The Governor has a polished exterior, but inside he is bat-shit crazy. Awesome.


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