“Made to Suffer,” The Walking Dead: S3, E8

This week’s The Walking Dead was both shocking and appalling for one very disturbing reason: I own the same shirt that Andrea was wearing. Purple. Button-down. Roll-up sleeves. Target, circa 2011. I should say that I owned the same shirt that Andrea was wearing; as of now, it is unlikely that I will ever wear that particular article of clothing again.

Other than that, the mid-season finale was rather anti-climactic. My chief complaint is not a new one: many small things happened, but the accumulation has not yet led to anything momentous. Things need stirred up, and the only way to do this is to kill off another vital character.

“Made to Suffer” certainly offered enough opportunities for a significant death to occur. Michonne. Andrea. The Governor. Obviously, Andrea or Michonne would be the most preferable options – maybe both at the same time? If the writers insist on constantly bringing in new characters, they can at least execute some of the old ones that no one cares about anyway.

Michonne actually managed to irritate me more this week than in previous episodes – something that I did not think was possible. Given the opportunity to kill both the Governor and Andrea, Michonne was only successful at re-killing the already dead Penny.

It is somewhat noteworthy that when forced into a do-or-die situation, former besties Michonne and Andrea are unable to do anything but stare at each other )although that’s all Michonne is typically good for anyway). Conversely, when Rick is faced with a hallucination of Wolverine Shane, he goes ahead and kills him again for good measure. Mind you, Rick does hesitate briefly, and that guy wasn’t really Shane (or Wolverine) after all. Nevertheless, when faced with the same dilemma that he encountered in Season 2, Rick ultimately makes the same decision when it comes to murdering his former BFF.

Rick might just be more unforgiving since his wife died giving birth to Shane’s baby. If Michonne was pregnant with Penny II, for instance, perhaps Andrea would have took the shot. The fact remains that Andrea did not shoot Michonne, and now she is left to deal with her one-eyed boyfriend and his bizarre extra-curricular activities. Maybe we’ll all luck out and Andrea will kill herself.

February 10th seems like a long time from now, but frankly, I need the break. With two months to cleanse my palette, maybe things will look better when the show comes back.


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