“When the Dead Come Knocking,” Episode 7 – Season 3: The Walking Dead

Every Sunday between 9:00pm and 10:00pm, I receive at least one text from my mother. This text is always insightful and thought-provoking, and it typically captures the true essence of the episode. This week’s text read as follows: “Hell, I was just starting to like Carl – until he named that baby.” Well said, Mom; that sums it up for me, too.

Out of everything that happened this week (and a lot did happen), I was the most traumatized by that baby name. Merle and the Governor tortured Glenn; Maggie was almost raped; Team Prison made it to Woodbury; Milton is doing creepy science experiments on dying people. This is substantial stuff. So why am I fixated on Judith? Maybe it’s because nothing big is happening. Many little things are culminating, they just haven’t added up to anything too impressive yet.

Something big needs to happen soon, and by soon I mean Sunday, December 2, 2012. The world is scheduled to end before this mid-season break is over, and I want to die knowing that The Walking Dead would have been worth watching when it came back on the air.

I’m signing off early on this one with the hope that I will have a lot more to say after this so-called “Mid-Season Finale.”


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