“Hounded,” Episode 6- Season 3: The Walking Dead

 This week, Lori continues to cuckold Rick from beyond the grave (I have never had the opportunity to actually use the word “cuckold,” this is a momentous occasion, indeed). I am very glad that this happened, mainly because I had put my hatred for Lori on hold out of respect for Rick’s loss. Now, however, I fully accept responsibility for my lapse in judgment. Whether Rick was suffering from auditory hallucinations, or he has somehow become the resident Jonathan Edwards of the prison, the fact remains that Rick believes his dead wife called to remind him to take care of her baby. Throughout Lori’s entire pregnancy, Rick certainly acted as if this was not his baby, but this miracle phone call has caused him to change his mind or to no longer care. Thus, ghost Lori has used Rick’s guilt against him, and now he has been CUCKOLDED into raising Shane’s baby.

So, in acceptance of this new charge, a newly tidy Rick emerges into the prison yard, baby Kickass in his arms and young Carl by his side. Interestingly, this moment is paralleled in Daryl’s discovery of his lost love, Carol. When he finds her, he swoops her into his strong, redneck arms and out of harms way. So what are we to make of this? Is it to be taken as symbolic of Carol’s rebirth? Maybe she’ll be useful now? Or does the parallel only function to further muddle the nature of the Carol/Daryl dynamic? Their relationship awkwardly teeters between mother/child and lovers, but this recent development seems to have moved Daryl into a more paternal, protective role.

Speaking of parallels, was anyone else blown away by Merle’s lie to the Governor that Michonne was successfully found and killed? This moment beautifully mimics that pivotal scene in The Lion King in which the hyenas tell Scar that Simba was destroyed. It is because of this lie that Uncle Scar ultimately lost his throne and his life; we can only assume that the Governor will meet a similar fate when Michonne triumphantly returns to overtake Woodbury with Timon and Pumbaa.

But in the meantime, it appears that the Governor has found his flavor of the month in everyone’s favorite little trollop, Andrea. At this point, Andrea has filled the void left by Lori’s death, and I am beginning to wonder why I haven’t hated this woman all along. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Michonne’s company left something to be desired, but that is no reason to stay in Stepford, let alone to sleaze it up with the Governor. Then again, maybe they are a match made in heaven; Andrea doesn’t strike me as the sort of person to be deterred by a captive zombie daughter with gnarly hair.


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